Workshop - Japanese Lacquer Ware


In this time of workshop, we are picking up Aizu-Nuri(Japanese lacquer ware made in Aizu area), the art crafts that were officially recognized as a traditional craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1975.

We are welcoming a guest speaker Wataru Kainuma, a social entrepreneur who has been challenging to remodel the value of Aizu-Nuri. You can not only learn general insights on Japanese Lacquer ware but also enjoy mini-cooking class and traditional local cuisine by Mayuko’s Little Kitchen.



また、Mayuko’s Little Kitchen の岡田真由子氏のご協力で、英語でのミニ料理教室や、簡単な会津料理もご用意しております。皆様のご参加をお待ちしております。

- Overview -

Date: September 22nd, 2016

Time: 18:50 - 21:00(OPEN 18:30)

Venue: Patia Akebonobashi

Capacity: 10 people

Address: TVB Akebonobashi Build. 2F, 1-18 Sumiyosi-Cho, Shinjuku-Ku Tokyo.

Access: http://www.patia.tokyo/akebonobashi/access/

Get off subway at Akebonobashi St. of Toei Shinjuku Line. (S03)


Please note:The cost includes three kinds of traditional local cuisine; soup, steamed rice and a side dish served with MEGURU.

Cancellation Policy

We require three days cancellation notice prior to 22nd Sep, otherwise we will charge you cancellation fee as once you click RSVP button we prepare meals for you.


18:30: Doors open

18:50: Introduction of staff and facility

19:00: About Aizu and Shikki

19:10: Mini-Lecture of Local cuisine by Mayuko’s Little Kitchen

19:30: Enjoy Shikki and Local cuisine

20:00: A story about MEGURU by Wataru Kainuma with brief interpretation

20:30: Q&A

21:00: End of session

(Please note: Schedules are subject to change.)


Soup (Kozuyu) - Dried Japanese scallop base soup with vegetables, mushrooms and “Fu" - bread-like food made of wheat gluten etc.

This food became popular as feast food for the Aizu-Clan or the normal people in Aizu during the end of Edo era and the beginning of Meiji era but is still made in special occasions such as New Year family meetings or in weddings around Aizu area.

Steamed Rice (Torimeshi) - Dried Bonito base chicken rice.

Side Dish (Ika Ninjin) - Soy sauce base dried squid and carrot marinade.

Aizu Nuri (Shikki) is a Japanese lacquer ware with four hundred years of tradition that is produced in Aizu area.

MEGURU is the name of the whole series of Shikki Bowls and has several remarkable concepts. This concept was actualized when sight impaired attendants with special sensibility from Dialog in the Dark worked hand in hand with Aizu Artisan. The visually impaired attendants found that the bowl was easy to use and felt great to touch sensibility. The bowl certainly makes us an impression and a chance to consider meaning of using everyday products for our life.

Guest Speaker - Wataru Kainuma from Meiten Corporation

Wataru was born in 1980 in Fukushima City. After graduating from university, he moved to Aizuwakamatsu City. He was quite fascinated by the workplaces of Aizu Shikki that in 2005, he decided to set up Meiten Corporation to support the Aizu artisans and related works.

In 2013, he started “TemaHimaUtsuwa Tabi” (TemaHima means a lot of time and work, Utsuwa means a ware, Tabi means trip or tour). In 2015, he launched a new concept style of Aizu Shikki “MEGURU” with a theme of “The Handing Down over Generations” into the market.

He has been working on widening the idea of an ample world that visualizes “Japanese Shikki: A ware to live with global rhythm. He is trying to find “An answer for the next generation” to get out of the mass-consuming society and appreciate tradition by connecting the Aizu Shikki artisans and traditional workers with the end users.


MEGURU HP in Japanese: http://meguru-urushi.com
TemaHimaUtsuwa Tabi in Japanese: http://tematrip.com
Dialog in the Dark in English: http://www.dialoginthedark.com/free/?no=1938

Guest Instructor - Mayuko from Mayuko’s Little Kitchen

Mayuko grew up in Choshi city and was strongly influenced from a young age by her grandmother and her mother who was a professional cooking teacher. While working as a sub-manager in a cosmetic company after university, she had many heartwarming experiences in home kitchen overseas. She then decided to open a little cooking school to share her family recipes and home style cooking. Mayuko’s first love and passion is food. She also practices yoga, travels, reads books and enjoys listening to reggae music.(Tripadvisor awarded the certificate of Excellence 2016 to her.)

HP in English: http://www.mayukoslittlekitchen.com

Coordinator - Machiko from Sense of Tohoku

Machiko was born (in 1975) and raised in Tohoku. After facing the reality that previously cherished cultures in the Tohuko region were vanishing rapidly, she decided to share the various cultures with people around the world. She is based in Tokyo.

Facebook in English: www.facebook.com/senseoftohoku

Thu Sep 22, 2016
6:50 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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Patia Akebonobashi
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TVB Akebonobashi Build. 2F, 1-18 Sumiyosi-Cho, Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo Japan
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